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Care Plus Tick Out Remover
Product Code 38391



Ticks are removed easily and safely with the CarePlus Tick-Out Tick Remover. The Special gripping head ensures that the tick is held securely, with the minimum risk of damaging the tick. There is also a notch in the gripping surface for removing nymphs, one of the life phasesof the young tick. The tweezers are supplied with clear instructionand two alcoholswabs for disinfecting the site of the bite AFTER removal.

Ticks can be infected with the Lyme bacteria. This disease can lead toserious symptoms in the muscles, joints, nervous system and heart when left untreated. Roughly 10% of tick bites leads to infections with Lymes's disease. It is essential to remove the tick carefully within 24 hours. The chance of infection is then minimal. You should take care to avoid irritating and damaging the tickas far as possible when removing it.

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