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Care Plus Lightweight Mosquito Net Bell - Impregnated
Product Code 33404



The Care Plus® Lightweight Mosquito Net Bell - Impregnated is part of the new Lightweight nets product range. All Lightweight nets are Long-Lasting Impregnated (LLI) and suitable for areas with a malaria risk.Thanks to Care Plus®'s sustainable Durallin® technology, the contact insecticide permethrin (CAS No. 258-067-9) adheres to the net. Care Plus®'s Lightweight nets are 50% lighter than their regular nets, and ideal for the world traveller. The standard nets are woven in a hexagonal honeycomb mesh pattern. The Lightweight nets use a diamond mesh pattern that uses less material than the standard net, while still keeping a stable form.

  • Weighs only 300 grams
  • 50% lighter than the previous Care Plus® Mosquito Net Bell
  • For travel in destinations with a malaria risk
  • Mesh size in compliance with WHO guidelines
  • Sustainable Durallin® impregnation technology prevents malaria by ensuring that mosquitoes cannot land on or bite through the net
  • Minimum impregnation
  • Optimum protection against mosquitoes, lice, bedbugs, and fleas
  • Long-lasting impregnation remains active for three years of daily use
  • Machine-washable 20 times at 30 °C without loss of effectiveness
  • Built-in flexible ring in the peak
  • Easy to hang up on 1 suspension point
  • Including attachment kit: string, attachment hooks, nails, and safety pins

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