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 Stoves Choice
Stoves - Which one do I need?

There is a vast array of stoves to choose from on the market, all with specific attributes which make them more suited to certain types of camping. In order to help you choose which stove you need we have categorised them by the type of fuel they use and listed the pros and cons of each:
Gas Fuel Stoves

A mix of propane and butane which is available in a variety of pressurised canisters. The canister is either screwed directly onto the base of the stove or onto a hose, depending on the design.

  • Very easy to set up - simply connect the gas and ignite!
  • Very controllable - so you can rapid boil or gently fry.
  • Easy to clean and maintain.
  • Generally very lightweight and compact.
  • Low performance in cold conditions - due to reduced pressure in the canister.
  • Low performance at high altitude - due to low temperatures.
  • Expensive to run.
  • Wasteful - due to disposal of empty canisters.
  • Can be difficult to buy the right type of gas canister when abroad.
Gas Fuel Stoves
Petroleum Based Fuel StovesPetroleum Based Fuel Stoves

Typical pressurized fuel liquids are Primus Power fuel, unleaded petrol, and paraffin. The fuel is poured into a metal fuel bottle which can be attached to the stoves hose, and is manually pressurised via an integral pump.

  • High performance in cold conditions.
  • High performance at high altitudes.
  • Very versatile - often available as 'multi-fuel' stoves so capable of burning a range of liquid fuels and some time gas too.
  • Use fuel more economically - so less fuel to carry for the same amount of cooking!
  • Cheaper to run.
  • More difficult to light - fuel needs to be pressurised manually and stove needs to be primed before lighting.
  • High maintenance - needs regular cleaning.

Other Considerations

Another factor to consider when choosing your stove system is the pots and pans themselves. Systems like the MSR Reactor integrate a heat exchanger into the bottom of the pan. This increase the efficiency of the heat transfer from the stove to the pan, and hence the food or water. This can improve boil times and significantly reduce the fuel consumption of your stove.


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