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The company behind Wrightsock, Wrightenberry Mills, was founded in 1948 - North Carolina, USA. 65 Years on all Wrightsock operations and production is still in North Carolina. Wrightsock is owned by the 3rd generation of the family. The family are hands on in the development & manufacturing facility every day ensuring Wrightsock deliver the best product.

The Wrightsock brand name, synonymous with the Double Layer sock, has been through thousands of hours of testing; holds two patents and many proprietary manufacturing techniques. Wrightsock has grown from selling to a few specialty stores in the United States, to being a global brand. Wrightsock is used by everyone from porters & post people through to Olympic athletes and has seen use in expeditions to the most remote parts of the globe.

Wrightsock commitment is to make the best socks so you are able to enjoy their chosen activities without having any foot issues.

Try a pair of Wrightsock at Action Outdoors.


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